Why Use Liquor Control?

Increase Profits:

Controlling costs INCREASES profits. Over-pouring drinks by only 1/8th of an ounce costs up to 3 drinks per 750ml bottle. Quick pour systems increases employee efficiency.

Faster bartenders mean Fewer Bartenders

Ring systems substantially decrease liquor purchases and with gun dispensers, additional savings can be acheived using cost-effective 1/2 gallon bottles. A full range of management reports.


Track and record all drinks poured. Eliminate waste, give-a-ways and theft. Prevent unauthorized pouring after bar is closed. Control over & under charging for a drink or round of drinks by interfacing with the cash register.


Consistent pouring means better tracking of a customers alcohol intake. Offers strong defense if sued for negligence. Could decrease liability insurance premiums.

Portion Control:

The calculated portion size of a drink is not guaranteed with FREE-pouring. The use of shot glasses or jiggers increase the likelihood of spillage and over-pouring. Portion control systems offer customers a consistent tasting drink each time, every time.