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Why Use Liquor Control?

Beverage Management Software

Windows-based Programming and Reporting

Control + Accountability = Profits

in your pocket. EMS / Easybar can ring up your Point of Sale System as your drink is being dispensed!

Fearless Technology. Simple solutions for complex software.

No On-Premises Computer Geek Required

  • Compatibility
  • Interface to ring up most popular Point-of-sale systems.

  • Control
  • When interfaced, the POS controls the Liquor system-all drinks are recorded.

  • Speed
  • Drinks ring up as they are dispensed, bypassing dual entry.

  • Dual Accountability
  • Back up reports separate from current POS System.

EMS/Easybar Software Function & Features

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Pump Room Setup

All pumps can be configured with a single program. A pump room can be setup to efficiently handle liquor guns and points of dispense.

Point of Dispense Setup

Setup information-including individual brands, cocktails, pour sizes and PLU numbers can be setup manually or using the autofill function.

Mixing Cocktails

Simply enter the amounts poured by your system and the software will automatically adjust all pour sizes and cocktails.

Cost and Pricing

View dispensing activity and cost/retail analysis by hand, drink & station. Can be combined to show grand totals by station or system. Usage reports help track inventory.

Comprehensive Reports

Reports can be taken or viewed remotely with a modem & remote access software. Likewise stations or systems can be enabled or disabled from the computer providing complete control over dispensing-even when not on the property. Remote access also allows EMS/Easybar technicians to dial in to adjust your system without an on-site service call.

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EMS/Easybar Point-Of-Sale Interfaces

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Software compatible with most major brand Interface Cash Registers. Check with your current POS Dealer.
Aloha Menusoft
Softtouch Digital Dining
Future POS Syco
System 3 Comtrex
Tech Americqa FS3600 Infogenesis
Matre D' Pixelpoint
Micros 3700, 8700 & 9700 Positouch
Romanco Samsung 650, 6500 SPS200
Micros 3700, 8700 & 9700 SAM4s SPS-2000 & 500 Series
Software programming or licensing may be required by the Point-Of-Sale system.