EMS Bulk Dispensing

Liquor Guns and Towers

EMS/Easybar fully computerized liquor dispensing systems control beverage pour sizes, improves bartender speed, prevents loss by eliminating overpouring, spillage, breakage and theft. Liquor guns and towers account for all beverages dispensed through the system and boosts receipts by lowering costs and increasing accountability.

Beverages can be dispensed from any combination of guns and towers - up to 128 brands with a push of a button. Secure backroom installations are tailored for existing space requirements. All EMS/Easybar computerized liquor systems can be programmed to ring up your compatible Point-of-Sale system as drinks are being dispensed!

Take the mystery out of modern technology.

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EMS/Easybar Point-Of-Sale Interfaces

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Software compatible with most major brand Interface Cash Registers. Check with your current POS Dealer.
Aloha Menusoft
Softtouch Digital Dining
Future POS Syco
System 3 Comtrex
Tech Americqa FS3600 Infogenesis
Matre D' Pixelpoint
Micros 3700, 8700 & 9700 Positouch
Romanco Samsung 650, 6500 SPS200
Micros 3700, 8700 & 9700 SAM4s SPS-2000 & 500 Series
Software programming or licensing may be required by the Point-Of-Sale system.