EMS All Bottle Systems

Control Master MII T

Fast and Easy to Install

Secure to any bar area.

Plug In and pour. You determine size and price of every drink. Total up day’s receipts in seconds! Every drink poured directly from the bottle is recorded and paid for.

Each EMS All Bottle...

dispensing station consists of a control box with an activator ring and yoke to secure the ring when not in use. Dispenser operates alone or in conjunction with EMS gun systems. Can be interfaced directly to a Point of Sale system and automatically ring up drinks.

Happy hour? No problem – two price levels are available and can be activated at automated times. EMS All Bottle spouts pour fast, they are adjustable and secure.


Liquor and portion control for 7 categories. Offers a wide variety of sales reports and interfacing.


Sturdy and foolproof for 7 categories - dispenses and counts.

EMS-700 Plus

Transponder ID - unlimited codes all sales reports by brand name.

Take total control over your bar with the look and feel of free-pour.

Click any of the thumbnails for a video demonstration.

EMS-700 Series

Select the desired portion using the pour selection buttons.

Pourer Spouts

Coded pourers correspond with Brand, price and pour size. EMS pourers can be inserted in the same manner as conventional spouts.

Security Seal

Heat shrink or wrap-around seals prevent tampering so pourers cannot be removed from bottles without authorization.


Dispenses and counts. Small, sturdy unit.

Activator Ring

Easy to use. Slide bottle-neck through ring to Activate. Turn bottle upside down and pour.

Interface Cash Register

Compatible software for most major brand Interface Cash Registers.